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Skype messenger free download for windows 8 free.Skype launcher 6.8

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In addition to video calls and voice calls , Skype is an instant messenger app that allows you to message anyone in the world in real time. An instant messenger is helpful if you need to ask a quick question or have an extended conversation without using a phone. Send instant messages from the Skype app from your desktop or other devices. From the Chats screen, select the person or group you want to instant message. Type your message in the chat window and select the Send button.

Keep sensitive conversations private with end-to-end encryption. The content of the conversations will remain hidden in your notifications to help you keep things private.

Easily incorporate Spotify into a Skype chat and provide a preview of your favorite songs. No emergency calls with Skype Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can’t be used for emergency calling.

Host a meeting. Instant Messenger. Get ready to send instant messages online with Skype. Smart instant messaging made fun. Liven up conversations with reactions, GIFs, citations and more. Quote your message in a conversation window for a faster follow up in group chats.

Forward your message to a different conversation and make your work more efficient. React with an emoji by clicking on the smiley face and choosing from a variety of reactions. How do I send an instant message in Skype on desktop?

End-to-end encryption for instant messages Keep sensitive conversations private with end-to-end encryption. Into sharing music? Facebook Twitter YouTube Blogs.


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The cross-platform tool can be used to conduct simple text-based chats with your contacts as well as audio and video calls. You can converse with your Skype contacts, but there is also Facebook integration which enables you to make use of your social networking contact list. This new version of Skype is the first big release since the acquisition by Microsoft and it is a radical overhaul for users who have been familiar with on the application. In line with the recent overhaul of the mobile apps, the desktop preview incorporates mentions and notification panels, something many other desktop messaging apps have already done.

With the new  » mention » feature you can quickly see a conversation where you’ve been incorporated into their discussion. The group call feature has had an upgrade. You can drag and drop photos into the call and you can react to anything shared or said in the call with emoji’s. There is also a chat gallery to easily be able to find shared content, whether you’ve shared images and videos with loved ones or you are using Skype at work and have to access important documents as well.

The app has had a visual overall so you can pick themes as well to decide what colour suits your mood. For the moment this is a dark or light colour scheme, but with more options to follow. There’s a brand new chat gallery, where you can find shared content, files and other information shared within your conversations.

This new desktop client is designed for Windows 7 and 8 the Windows 10 version will be updated automatically as it’s built into the OS or Mac OS X users. Available for Mac and PC — there are also more limited clients available for iOS and Android — Skype has become a serious communication tool. The ability to not only conduct voice and video chats, but also send and receive files, and even make phone calls to landlines and mobile phones, means that Skype is far more versatile than other messaging tools.

For both home and office users, Skype is an incredibly valuable tool and the latest additions are great improvements. What’s new in 8.

Learn more about Skype audio and video settings. Learn more about what you can do in a Skype call. We’ve eradicated some bugs and tidied up the place a bit. Show all. Skype 8. Chat with your friends and colleagues using text or video.

Add to Watchlist Comment Share. Review Specifications Changelog. Specifications Requirements. Changelog What’s new in 8. Updated Skype to Windows Desktop version 6. What have they done to Skype??? The previous version 6. They really messed up this time. They should have left it alone. This new so called Desktop Version is probably written to enhance it’s operation with Windows 8 even though it’s for windows 7 also.

They forgot the Wins 7 crowd which are more than Wins 8 and just refined Skype for Wins 8. If I could get back the old Version 6.

Don’t like it at all. It’s just to SLOW Skype for Windows 10 v Skype Classic for Mac 7. Skype Classic for Windows 7. Pidgin 2. Zenchat for iOS 1. Zenchat for Linux 1. Add Comment. Submit Cancel. Follow our tweets for the very latest store news, daily promotions and discounts! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know all special offers, promos and more!


Skype messenger free download for windows 8 free. Download Skype


According to Skype’s official blog, from now on, you can record any call, both video and audio, without leaving the app. This feature is available in skype messenger free download for windows 8 free latest 8. See more.

Skype long ago gave up on trying to be a « simple » videoconferencing app in favor of being something like an all-in-one communication solution: IM, VoIP, stickers, skype messenger free download for windows 8 free collages, you name it. With the new 8. The arrival of Clan Battles to Clash Royale has changed how we’re playing this blockbuster title from Supercell.

The fact that we can now play alongside a companion from our Clan has added an download windows live 2012 free of teamwork in a game that’s always been characterized by cutthroat competition. Though this mode is only available temporarily, we still thought it was a good idea to explain several ways to improve communication with your teammate and thereby avoid doing the same things over and over.

Skype Technologies. Skype now lets you record video calls According to Skype’s official blog, from now on, you can record any call, both video and audio, without leaving the app. Skype 8. Jun 9th, Skype now available from your web browser. Oct 14th, Skype redesigns its desktop version for Windows and Mac. Apr 30th, Skype again offers free group videocalls.

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